Veer Geogrids are designed for reinforcement. Geo-grids have relatively high tensile strengthand effectively bear and diffuse load.

Our geogrids are designed for reinforcement and for various other utilities like asphalt overlay, base reinforcement, embankments, pavement reinforcement, slopes, subgrade improvement, walls, etc.

Our woven geotextiles can be used for soil embankment and roadway stabilization, internal reinforcement of retaining walls, steep slope reinforcement used for subgrade stabilization,reinforcing embankments over soft soils.

The benefits of Veer Geogrids at a glance:

  • High junction strength and stiffness.
  • High tensile strength at low elongation
  • Low tendency to creep
  • Easy to install, resistance to installation damage
  • High chemical and biological resistance
  • Optimized grid structure and efficient rib profile for extruded geogrids.
  • Excellent pull-out and interface friction behavior
  • Superior connection capacity with modular blocks
  • Resistance to environmental stress cracking.
  • Veer’s geogrids are easily connected together on site.
  • Quality Assurance – manufacturing and independent testing

Typical Application Areas

  • Retaining walls
  • Segmental block walls
  • Steep slopes
  • Sealing systems of landfills
  • Foundations
  • (Un)paved roads and parking places
  • Railways